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Mar 07

Update! I-75 southbound is closed at the Kentucky/Tennessee line

Update: Today we took the “car” detour for I-75 that is still closed due to a huge rockslide. This detour followed road 297 that s runs roughly parallel to I-75. Wow. What a lousy road to become a detour for a major interstate. This road is narrow, windy and goes over at least tow pretty …

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Feb 25

Talk about embarrassed…

20160223_111053 (2)

It was time to head to Arizona for some warm weather. Sher and I hit the road a few days before New Year’s Day. Fast forward a couple of days and we stopped at a casino in Mississippi south of Memphis. As the weather was above freezing it was time to “de-winterize” the RV. You know the …

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Oct 05

We had a generator problem

Cummings Crosspoint technician checking our Onan generator

Recently Sher and I set up at a large two day festival in Atlanta, Indiana. During our first night our generator coughed a couple of times and then stopped runnning. There was plenty of gasoline, and repeated tries resulted in the strong odor of gas. Sure sounded like the engine was flooded. Since the generator …

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Jul 01

Our second mattress from

Our new mattress in place and ready!

We went back to when we wanted to replace the mattress that came with our Thor Four Winds 22E motorhome. This Class C motorhome was the replacement for the travel trailer that we had when we hit the road last summer. The mattress we bought from MattressInsider for the travel trailer did not fit …

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Mar 08

Back to winter weather

Winterized, at least for a couple of weeks!

We are back from our time in Florida. Well we came back to Indiana and Ohio to visit with family, and kind of jumped the gun by about a week as we hit a week of near zero temperatures. But it is nice see the family again, and it looks like the really cold times …

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Feb 21

When you think you have seen everything…

Yes, this is a motorized bath tub.

Just when you think you have seen everything, here comes a self propelled  two seater bathtub.

Feb 14

Is that sign for real?

Warning! Or a joke?

Today was an uneventful and quiet day. It started out cold, though. The overnite low was 36, and it was chilly this morning. A jacket was the required article of clothing until about mid-morning. We just talked with our fellow vendors throughout the day. The sign next to a nearby pond is rather ominous. The pond is …

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Feb 10

A blackbird on Red Neck (Ganby) Beach

Saw this blackbird in the tree next to the shore of Red Neck (Ganby) Beach in St. Petersburg Florida

Jan 01

2015 is here

2015 is now officially here. I know because I saw the ball drop. As Sher and I look forward to the new year we are excited about our new RV, a Four Winds 22e motorhome. We have had it a couple of weeks and are still getting things organized the way we want them. Changing …

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Dec 28

Gas Buddy is Our Friend


We got gasoline for $1.88 in Edinburg, Indiana today! Yeah, for GasBuddy!

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