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Jun 27

Whimsical sculptures in Seattle’s Neototem Garden

When pigs fly

In 2002 the City of Seattle commissioned the creation of the Neototem Children’s Garden as a back drop for the massive whale pod tail sculpture. The marvelous and whimsical marine creations are the work of artist Gloria Bornstein.

Nov 23

WWII Gun Emplacements Once Protected Puget Sound and Seattle

Date on the main bunker entrance

The Army had plans in place to upgrade the Puget Sound harbor defenses when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The attack prompted a feverish scramble to implement those WWII plans. Fort Ebey was constructed from 1942 to 1944. It overlooked the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the open Pacific Ocean. It was the first of a series of defensive positions that also included forts Casey, Worden and Flagler, also on Puget Sound. Historic Fort Ebey State Park on Widbey Island is home to the remains of Battery 248 of the Coast Artillery Regiment of the Washington National Guard. The guns are gone, having been melted down for scrap at the end of the war. What remains, however, are the two circular gun emplacements and the supporting large concrete bunker where ammunition, powder bags, and other equipment was stored. The bunker is open to the public. A flashlight is a good companion if you venture into the bunker, as the rooms are not provided with any lights. You will see the massive steel doors on the powder rooms as well as the concrete pads where the three large generators were placed. In front of the bunker towards the edge of the steep cliff you will see the forward observation bunker. A narrow slit provided a panoramic view of the waters. No ships could enter the Sound without being spotted. The main armament of the fort was provided by two guns on swivel turrets. These guns fired a 108 pound shell with a range of 15 miles. The 26 man gun crews could fire a round every 12 seconds. Take a step back in time with a visit to Fort Ebey State Park. Walk where the artillerymen walked. Explore the bunker. Stand near the forward observation position and imagine being on the lookout for enemy ships trying to invade the Puget Sound. Day passes are only $10, with a yearly pass available for $30. More information about Fort Ebey State Park may be found at the park website.

Mar 06

Washington State Cascade mountain range

Snow Melt and waterfalls on Big 4 Mountain

The Cascade Range in Washington is one of the features of the Pacfic Northwest that draws tons of folks each and every year . The Mt Baker-Snoqualimie National Forest offers a tremendous varitey of recreation and nature loving opportunities. We have family in the Seattle area. When visiting we always try to allow for some …

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Dec 25

Mōksha Indian Cuisine in Bellevue, Washington


Mōksha Indian Cuisine is located in downtown Bellevue at 515 Bellevue Square. Sher and I dined there with our daughter and son and their families. It was listed as one of the Top Restaurants for 2013 by the Seattle Times, and our experience there sure showed why it made that list.. The restaurant uses local ingredients …

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Dec 01

Sunday Brunch at Arnie’s in Mukilteo

The snow capped Olympic Mountains on the horizon

Arnies Restaurant in Mukilteo puts on a very nice Sunday brunch from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. Located in Mukilteo, Washington, the restaurant presents a striking view of the harbor, ferry dock and both the Cascade range and the Olympic Mountains as well. The brunch itself is just delightful. The friendly staff first bring a fruit plate …

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Nov 21

Bridge over Deception Pass


This is the view from the bridge over Deception Pass. You are looking west through the pass and across the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The road runs south onto Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. This northern route to Whidbey Island avoids the Ferry at Mukilteo, but takes a lot longer with more miles when coming from …

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Nov 21

A riotous time at the Seattle International Comedy Competition, ECA version


Wednesday Nov. 19 saw a showing of ten great comedians participating in one of the semi-final rounds of the Seattle International Comedy Competition held in the beautiful auditorium of the Edmonds Center for the Arts. The evening began with the narrator of the evening’s festivities: Gabriel Rutledge. Oh, my. Narrator does not due justice to his role in the night’s frivolity. Rutledge is a very very funny stand up entertainer. He had the audience rolling on the floor during his opening set and he brought the house down …

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Nov 19

Snow melt on Big Four Mountain


Big Four Mountain (elevation 6160) in the Cascade range in Washington. Photo was taken from the picnic area just off the Mountain Loop Road. Multiple water falls can be seen cascading down the slopes.

Nov 17

Sunlight on the water as the fog rolls


We were fortunate enough to take a whale watching cruise this past fall. We love the Island Mariner cruises out of Bellingham, Washington. The sun was out and there were dramatic fog banks rolling in and out of some of the San Juan Islands.

Nov 16

Old Spaghetti Factory at Lynnwood Washington


Tonight we had a nice time at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood, Washington. We went with our daughter and son-in-law and grandson. This is one of a chain of these eateries that are spread out all over the country. We had a great meal. Each entree on the menu comes with either a soup …

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