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Feb 02

Scenes from our Yellowstone adventure

We really enjoyed our trip to Yellowstone National Park. The scenery is magnificent, the geothermal features are powerful, exciting to view and have a beauty all their own. Of course seeing the wildlife at Yellowstone is one of the most sought after attractions in the park.

Dec 15

Miles and miles of snow fences

CAM00141 (2)

We were traveling across Wyoming in early December on I-80. We saw row after row of elaborate snow fences that had been constructed on the south side of the highway, set back about 40 yards or so. We saw them mile after mile as we crossed the state.

Nov 25

West Thumb shore of Yellowstone Lake


The shore of West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake

Nov 08

Remembering our August 2014 trip


Going through some of the photos from our trip this past summer I couldn’t help but share this great photo of Sher at our stop in Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming.

Oct 12

Beautiful Hayden Valley in Yellowstone National Park


The panorama of Hayden Valley is striking. Love the river in this stretch.

Oct 12

Mud volcano wall


Side wall of the Yellowstone Mud Volcano What a pale grey color.

Oct 11

Lone bison at Yellowstone

IMG_4920_resized (2)

Spotted in Hayden Valley This guy was a loner

Oct 11

Iron horse and cowboy


This is a rather interesting sculpture in Buffalo, Wyoming. Bet that tail is hard to ‘swish’

Oct 11

What the heck (and where the heck) is this?


Do you recognize this? Hint: It is west of the Mississippi River. Second hint: Check the category listing   Any idea?

Oct 11

Deep blue hot spring

Deep clear hot water

One of the famous Yellowstone deep hot springs     Crystal clear hot water spring

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