Sep 07

Our decision to go into roadtirement

Standing in front of Dragons Mouth geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Standing in front of Dragons Mouth geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Sher and I have been traveling now for about 18 months. Our travels have taken many different formats ranging from rolling trips that cover a different destination each day to staying in one area for a month or longer. While we are still pleased with our decision to sell our “empty nest” there are times when we do miss a full sized tub and shower and plenty of hot water! Accordingly we have purchased a small two bedroom house. This gives us the chance to take a short break from the road and to visit with family nearby. Having our own washer and dryer are also nice!

While the house will require normal chores such as cutting that pesky grass in the summer months, these are not obstacles that will be hard to overcome. We will continue to travel. There are states we have yet to visit (see our “where we have been map”) and family coast to coast to visit.  We’ll see you on the road!

Below is the original text posted in September, 2014

We were having a hard time dealing with our empty nest. We have raised 5 children and when they all left we really felt the empty nest syndrome. When our children were growing up we had often teased them and said when we retired we were going to get a travel trailer and park in their driveway until they got tired of us and gave us the gas money to move on to the next. Little did we know our children would live coast to coast across the United States.

One day as we were sitting in our empty nest that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and more and more work to take care of, we looked at each other and seemed to know what the other was thinking. Let’s do it! And, that is what we did! We did not retire, we roadtired!


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  1. Darlene sez...

    I like this weblog so much, saved to bookmarks.

    1. Maj J

      Thanks very much

  2. Lawrence

    The blog was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Thanks

    1. Maj J

      I appreciate the comment.

  3. Julius from Traveltipy

    Great decision! Lucky you to survive 5 kids. :) Have a great time on your road trip and enjoy! I’ll do the same once kids left. Hopefully… :)

    1. Maj J

      Thanks Julius!

  4. Inside Southeast Asia

    Congratulations on your decision! May you have a lifetime of happiness on the road! :)

    1. Maj J

      Thank you very much for the kind comment!

  5. Nimal Hemalath Fernando

    Very interesting life style to read. I got it from Bubblews, while i engaged in my notification page. I kept closed my Bubblews and followed your web page. I am too retired after 40 years of Government service, living in a empty nest with my wife. But I don’t have such an opportunity to enjoy the rest of life like you, due to per capita of my country. May God Bless you both.


  6. The GypsyNesters

    Love it! We firmly believe that we get to see our grown kids more because we are always traveling than if we stayed put. Also love the word roadtirement! Perfect!

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